Glamour-ice your drinks

Glamour-ice your life with these fruity cubes. Whether you have #fitfoodiegoals and need to guzzle back more H2O or you want to add a pop of sparkle to your next barbecue or you simply need to use up fresh fruit and herbs then read on. You can also be a super human and do all three.


So here’s the scoop. There’s no secret in how to do this and the pictures speak for themselves. However I do have one tip for you; I used filtered water and I boiled it twice (and let it cool) before adding to the fruit. This helps to prevent cloudiness in the ice. Also the ice can be twice as nice (like what I did there?) if you don’t completely submerge the fruit into the tray – leave some of the fruit sticking out a bit – looks prettier, I think.

Not too cloudy because the filtered water was boiled twice before adding to the tray.

Here I have frozen combination of cubes including plain lemon juice, raspberry, lemon, lime, rosemary, mint.

You can also use cucumber, pomegranates, blueberries, mango, strawberries, thyme, kiwi, melon, watermelon…whatever you have in the fridge or garden.

Once frozen after a few hours, just remove and you can keep in a freezer bag or jar. Add them to lemonades, sparking water, g&t’s, prosecco or just jazz up plain old tap water.

Enjoy! Hope you all have an ice day to enjoy these cubes. Do I need to chill a little on the puns? Too much.

Pop a cube into the glass of champers at your next garden party – so chic and so refreshing
They are great icebreakers

Ok, enough. I’m melting under the pressure. Please do come back and read my next post. I promise I’m not normally this punny. Laters!

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