Unhealthy ‘Healthy’ Food

The breakfast in the sun is described as two slices of buttered bread (no idea what 'hexb' means), some 'free' ham (presumably not gifted by her butcher) and a precise 25g of cheese. Can anyone enlighten me on 'hexa' cos I'm pretty sure it is not a variety of cheese?

Moving the dial – accountancy to food

As published by CareerShifters.org; "Stuck in a cycle of frustration and inertia, Catherine Allen decided to make a leap. Now, through a mix of practical experiments and new connections, she's immersed herself in an industry she loves. This is her story."

Food Philosophies – The best diet for a sustainable planet

With all the foodisms and food trends we are bombarded with, which one is actually good for our health, as well as being the environment?

10 Tips to get you through a Chef Trial

There is no hiding behind a C.V. and a bunch of merits. The real assessment of your skill is at the trial. Here are some tips in surviving your first chef trial in a commercial kitchen.