Moving the dial – accountancy to food

As published by; "Stuck in a cycle of frustration and inertia, Catherine Allen decided to make a leap. Now, through a mix of practical experiments and new connections, she's immersed herself in an industry she loves. This is her story."

10 Tips to get you through a Chef Trial

There is no hiding behind a C.V. and a bunch of merits. The real assessment of your skill is at the trial. Here are some tips in surviving your first chef trial in a commercial kitchen.  

You had me at the Chocolate Christmas Tree

With only a handful of days left I know there won't be a dry eye in the house and it will be me handing out the Kleenex. Not because I won't be sad but because my tears have been shed. Oh yes, two weeks prematurely too. Flashback to last Wednesday week. I am sitting in … Continue reading You had me at the Chocolate Christmas Tree