Are You Litfest Ready?

The Ballymaloe Litfest is a festival not to be missed by food lovers. (I cannot believe I scheduled my wedding for the same weekend!) If you are one of the lucky one's who didn't double book, take some of my top tips from this post. And enjoy!

You had me at the Chocolate Christmas Tree

With only a handful of days left I know there won't be a dry eye in the house and it will be me handing out the Kleenex. Not because I won't be sad but because my tears have been shed. Oh yes, two weeks prematurely too. Flashback to last Wednesday week. I am sitting in … Continue reading You had me at the Chocolate Christmas Tree

Market Stalls and Growing Orchards

When I stretch over and hit the snooze button on Friday morning for a split second I think, almost habitually, thank God it's Friday, but then I remember this is the end of week 7 and before I know it I am out on the beach making the most of the bright morning, since the clocks went back … Continue reading Market Stalls and Growing Orchards

Happy Friday from Shanagarry

And so we are half way there, 6 fabulous weeks in, and to date, 0 blog posts written. Saluting all those previous Ballymaloe multi-tasking Kings and Queens in finding the time to document their days and weeks spent in this little haven, the ones I pored over for the last 3 or 4 years, I … Continue reading Happy Friday from Shanagarry